Design Block - Round 3 - April - June 2024

Posted: April 8, 2024

It was certainly an amazing experience to witness a total eclipse.  We hope that all students and families had the opportunity to savour the moment.  

As mentioned in the weekly update, I am including the menu of offerings for projects in the next round of Design Block that will start next week.  Students can view the menu at the link below.  Afterwards, they can make their selection on the student survey.  We will be giving time at school on Tuesday and Wednesday for students to complete the survey but they certainly can do it at home if they wish. Students will be notified of their project on Tuesday, April 16th.  

Menu of Offerings -

Student Survey -

Reminder to students and families of our Exhibition of Learning on Thursday from 6-8, staff will be there to discuss your child's progress.  We certainly would like to see all Knights and their families.  We will be having random draws for students who attend.  For parents who want a more traditional parent teacher, we will have meetings on Monday, April 15th from 9 - 11:45 am.