Last Name First Name Email Grades Title
Beals Whitney Grade 7, Grade 8 Teacher
Cabel Troy Grade 7 Vice Principal
Cabel Krista
Canistro Tabatha Educational Assistant
Corlett John Teacher
Coughlan Karen Teacher
Doucet Denine Educational Assistant
Duplessie Daryn Grade 6 Teacher
Esty Riley Grade 8 Teacher
Fletcher Alana SAA
Frost Tanya Teacher
Gallant Tiffany Educational Support Teacher- Resource
Gallant Megan Educational Assistant
Gautreau Rose-Marie Educational Assistant
Georges Anne Educational Assistant
Gilks Kimberly Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8 Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator
Gray Anthony Educational Assistant
Hallihan Jaon Custodian I
Harris Lexi SIW
Holland Nancy Educational Assistant
Hutchinson Krista Teacher
Jenkins Ryan Teacher
Keating Greg Teacher
LeBlanc Paul Teacher
MacLean Rhonda Educational Assistant
Martin Zachary Teacher
Mazzorato Allison Methods and Resource Teacher
McCallum Mike Teacher
McEachern Susan Educational Assistant
Mullin Kelly Teacher
Mullin Kelly Methods and Resource Teacher
Munn Sherry Teacher
Murdock Jocelyn Educational Assistant
Murdock Kyle Educational Assistant
Reid Lindsay Teacher
Richard Gerry Teacher
Richardson Brian Guidance
Squire Marie-Louise Teacher
Stewart Nancy Teacher
Stewart Timothy Educational Assistant
Theriault Norman Custodian I
Turner Lindsay Teacher
Waye Judson Principal
Weeks Betty Lou Library Assistant