Fundraiser Highlights

Posted: June 9, 2023

On Friday, June 2nd we wrapped up our school fundraiser.  In total we raised $19045! An incredible amount of support shown by our school community.  We want to thank everyone who purchased a ticket, all the students and staff who sold tickets, staff who helped count the money and write out the tickets, especially Rhonda MacLean the true engine of the intiative.  We also want to thank the local businesses that donated the prizes and Natalie our parent who solicited the donations.

We had a wrap up ceremony hosted by Jimmy MacKinley to award our incentive prizes and to draw our winners.  

  • Our homeroom challenge when to 8 Squire who will get a movie and Popcorn afternoon in our Theatre.  Honorable mention goes to 6 Turner who will get a tasty treat as acknowledgement of a valient effort.  
  • Our students who sold 20+ tickets will have an off-site reward on June 19th.  The 92 students who sold tickets will be notified next week of the specifics of the event.
  • Our top sellers were:
  1. Brea Dedeam - 263 tickets sold
  2. Raymond Cook - 185 tickets sold
  3. Ryan Allison 125 tickets sold
  4. Olivia Hudson 119 tickets sold
  5. Emmett Hunter - 92 tickets sold

We want to acknowledge Brea, she has been the top seller in the school for the past 3 years.  We greatly appreciate the efforts her and her family have made to support the school.  

Finally, our grand prize winners:

3rd Prize - $250 in choice of gift cards Ralph Lockerbie

2nd Prize - $500 in choice of gift cards - Chatham Superstore emloyee

1st Prize - $1000 in choice of gift cards - Paula Cassidy

The attached image is the aftermath of the top 10 seller giving the school administration a Pie in the Face, the least we could do to say thank you to the students for their support.