Wear Red on Friday November 3rd

Posted: November 2, 2017

The picture for the shoeboxes for Soldiers will be taken at 12:30 on Friday. Anyone wearing red will be going over to NBCC to take part in this years picture. All are welcome to attend from the community.The following is a note from the organizer of the event Brenda Daigle.

This year marks the 10th & finalyear for OPERATION CHRISTMAS SHOE BOX CAMPAIGN (OCSBC) to be led in Miramichi.  Where this is Canada’s 150th Birthday, my hopes are to send 150 shoe boxesfilled with goodies for those serving overseas during the holidays, making 150 soldiers/sailors/airforce members happy on Christmas morning.  Last year, the recipients of our shoe boxes shared their Christmas cards and letters on a common bulletin board for all to read and enjoy.  These soldiers were at an all-time low heading into Christmas and then OUR SHOE BOXES ARRIVED and we saved the day!  One soldier in particular, drove to Miramichi from Petawawa to tell me in person how much the parcels meant to his unit.  It helped that his girlfriend was staying in Boisetown during his deployment, but it sure was nice to meet a soldier who rec’d one of our boxes.  

 From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOUfor helping me over the years to make this campaign the success that it has been and will continue to be.  Next year, I will be mentoring a mom of another soldier to carry on the campaign torch.  Hopefully, she will have a community like Miramichi to help out as much as you have. 


Brenda Daigle