Home Learning Options for May 25-29

Posted: May 25, 2020

Here are your STEM learning options for this week:


High Tech Option

Dreambox, if you are in 6K or 7M and have not yet received your password please email greg.keating@nbed.nb.ca click on the following link to access dreambox:


**Please note that it is recommended to play dreambox for at least 90 minutes per week or around 5 lessons per week.  

Low Tech Option

www.math-drills.com  This week you can try some measurement activities using area and perimeter for differnt shapes. For grade 6 you should find the area and perimeter of rectangles and other quadrilaterals(4 sided shapes) and in Grade 7 you can find the area and perimeter of circles, parrallelograms and triangles.

No Tech Option

Practical Math: Take Math Outside Did you know that you can measure the height of a tree using just a pencil and a friend with a measuring tape?
1. The person with the pencil holds it up vertically and walks away from the tree until the pencil tip is at the bottom and the eraser is as high as the top of the tree.
2. Next, turn the pencil horizontally so that the eraser looks like it’s touching the trunk.
3. The friend, who is standing at the bottom of the tree should move sideways away from the tree until they line up with the tip of the pencil. This will be the starting point for measuring. If they measure from the start to the person holding the pencil, the length will be equivalent to the height of the tree!
No climbing required!
Weekly STEM Challenge:
Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and inventor who liked to create overly complex machines to complete a simple task using a series of chain reactions. Think dominoes, ramps, levers, pulleys, and more! Your challenge is to watch some Rube Goldberg machines in action , get inspired, then create your own machine outdoors using natural objects such as rocks, sticks, hills, etc.
Here is a link to get inspired:
Here is a link with more information on this weeks challenge: