PE & PW Home Learning Wednesday, Jan 26th, 2022

Posted: January 26, 2022


Warm-Up Stretch: 2 Minute Warm-Up

Workout: "Lone Warrior"


The last 2 weeks in PW, we watched videos on How to Set SMART Goals and How to Create and Use a Vision Board. Today, you will be using the notes from those two videos to help you to create your own individual vision boards. Sometimes a Vision Board is also called a Dream Board. Dream BIG! Remember, your vision board can be made up of short-term goals and/or long-term goals. 

Example: Short-Term Goal: To get a 3+ on my next report card in math; get a summer job and save $500 for new clothes for school.

            Long-Term Goal:  To own a RAM 1500 half-ton truck; become a dentist.  

Your vision board can be done on Bristol board, a piece of 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper or any size in between. Once completed, your vision board will be place in your Personal Wellness duo-tang (if larger than a sheet of loose-leaf, a picture of your vision board will be taken and printed, to be placed in duo-tang). 

The videos are linked below if you wish to watch them as a refresher. Have fun with this, Knights! 

How to Set SMART Goals: Goal Setting for Students 

Everything About Vision Boards: How to Create and Use a Vision Board