7C Social Studies/Language Arts

Posted: May 15, 2019

We have been reading a novel in class called Three Million Acres of Flame by Valerie Sherrard. This is a story based on the Miramichi Fire of 1825.

In an effort to incorrporate Project Based Learning in my classroom, and to showcase student learning, I posed the question, "What was life like in Miramichi in 1825, the year of the Miramichi Fire?"

Students have begun researching various topics that would help to answer this question. They will be required to focus on one element of society (food, clothing, education, healthcare, money, homes/dwellings, government, industries, etc..) and to create a display that explains their findings. We will be working on this in class some, but students may require some extra time on this at home.

Due date for this project is Wednesday, June 5th!