Posted: April 1, 2021

Tier 2 Girls Volleyball tonight


Posted: March 31, 2021

Here is the link for tonights game on YouTube:


Posted: March 30, 2021

Tune into tonights game!  Find the link below:


Posted: March 29, 2021

Enter the secret word on the form below to be entered to win a prize!

Posted: March 7, 2021

Following a heavy cleaning of the school on Sunday,  Dr. Losier Middle School will be open on March 8th.

Posted: February 25, 2021

Our fundraiser live stream can be view by clicking on the link below.

Posted: February 2, 2021

Hello to our Knight Community!

Posted: February 2, 2021

Hello Knight Community!

Thank you for visiting this site to find out more about our school fundraiser.  Please click on the attached documents to find out more about how you can support our school through this fundraiser.  You can also find more information on the morning announcements, found at this link:

Posted: January 15, 2021

Our cafeteria service will re-open on Monday, January 18th, sorry for any inconvenience our temporary closure may have caused.



Posted: January 14, 2021

Our staff shortage will keep the cafeteria closed for Friday, January 15th.  We do expect it to re-open for Monday.  


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