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Posted: May 25, 2016

As part of our Le Robot unit, students are responsible for constructing their own robot at home using scrap or recyclable materials. We are working on the written description in class. Presentations will begin Wednesday June 8th

Posted: May 11, 2016

Students have chosen specific substances that may be abused and have been given research time in class. They are to create pamphlets based on their research to present to the class. They are due in next weeks Health classes

Posted: April 7, 2016

Students are to finish their Best Free From Friend postes on food sensitivities and allergies. 6M due Monday. 6R due Tuesday

Posted: April 5, 2016

Students need to finish researching their questions on Electricity. They have chosen their research questions and have been given one class period to research. Presentations will be this Friday April 8th

Posted: April 5, 2016

Students are to finish their Food Allergy Awareness posters for homework, due next Health class

Posted: March 31, 2016

Students have chosen questions about electricity to research. Time has been given at school in the computer lab. They need the information, 2 sources and a diagram. Presentations will begin Wednesday April 6th

Posted: March 3, 2016

Grade 6 students have been working hard on their projects. We have completed the peer critiques (see attachments) and each student has been given detailed written feedback from their peers and myself on how to improve their projects over the March Break.

Their projects will be marked with the ASD-N STEM Rubric (see attached). students have self assessed according to this rubric and understand the expectations of this project.

Posted: October 15, 2015

Due to a forecast of inclement weather we have cancelled our trip to the Moncton Zoo for tomorrow. We will update with rescheduling if we are able to at a later date.

Posted: October 2, 2015


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Posted: October 2, 2015


Thu, Oct 15/15 9:00 pm


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